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Archetypes of Mystery: The Great Weaver- Weaving the threads of life

When life challenges us, when we face the unknown, it is good to have access to the resources of the world of archetypes. Indeed, they link us to the imaginal world, the world of possibilities and the richness of the collective unconscious. It is an invaluable resource for finding strengths and meaning. All human societies have found paths to mystery, and what our rationalising civilisation has long despised in the ‘savages’, the Native Amercian or the Aborigines, for example, turns out to be incredibly rich, with access to knowledge that we find difficult to explain, and which therefore appears to us as magical.

Through dance, we can connect more easily to these thought-forms, these energy fields that open the doors to ancestral, quantum, magical resources. We begin with the archetypal weave of the world, the weave of the living. “The Great Weaver” is often symbolised by the spider: the one who weaves the threads of the different dimensions of being and of the real. It is a good time before winter, to gather everything that will be able to weave a nourishing cocoon in which to spend a resourcing and fruitful winter.

First part of a series of 5 days: 5 November 2022 / 11 & 12 February 2023 / 25 & 26 March 2023. You can follow a course or the whole series, and add an individual session to make the most of this journey.

Day of 5 November: 90 euros (reduced rate 75 euros)

5-day series: 400 euros (reduced rate 375/team rate 270)

5-day series + individual session: 460 euros.

Location: 46 rue des Rigoles, Paris, France (métro/bus Jourdain).