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Art In Motion: Make Art + Move // Workshop

ART IN MOTION: Make Art + Move
Wildspace Presents: An Open Floor Art in Motion Workshop.
Art in Motion is an Open Floor Dance workshop,  facilitated by Melbourne Open Floor Teacher Anna Du Vé, exploring emotional creativity and creative emotionality.

We will be exploring our emotional landscape through art making and dance, and contacting our creativity through the embodied process.
We access our creativity through our embodied, emotional process; and inquire into our inner worlds through the mirror of creativity.
We Dance, Draw, Emote, Embody, Breathe, Create, Release.
This means moving, making the invisible visible through dance, and then translating that expression to art making, mark making, expressionistic impulse-following in relationship with colour, line, pastel, marker..

We’re talking Jackson Pollock-style expressionistic & emotional Dance-Art making.

Art in Motion : Make Art & Move.
Saturday 22 October 2022 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM (UTC+11)

Moss Studios
101 Evans St, Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic, Australia 3056