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Back to Goodness | residential retreat in Cyprus

Movement Meditation & Somatic Practice in nature for your health and well being.
Dance on the beach, blue skies and vast open blue water, birdsongs and gorgeous music, expressive art creation and good company

led by Tamara Romaniuk & Masha Kozlovskaya

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What would it be like if goodness was available to each of us at any time? Like if it sat in a store on one of the available shelves so you could go and get it.

What would you pick up?

And what would be the way for you to be with that?

What would that mean to you? 


Perhaps to …

Let go

allow to touch and be touched

feel the embrace of nature

revel to trust the unfolding.

surround to the surroundings

Would that mean that you could see the goodness in you?

Would there be anything more you would like to invite or open to?


This retreat is a doorway to the exploration of what may be alive in your system and what may be new to you that you may feel good with.

Gathering together in a vast field, on the beach, under blue skies, listening to birdsong, breathing our whole selves into the landscape around us, we will dance, move, create and listen to each other.

Presence, prompts, the poetry of nature, painting and writing, movement and music will nourish and encourage us in this exploration, bringing us back to goodness.

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