All the resources you need to master emotional intelligence

An intensive, 6-day Open Floor Advanced Training Program in Findhorn, Scotland 11-16 October, 2022

with Open Floor Faculty: Sarah Davies, Deborah Lewin & Lucie Nerot

Immerse yourself in learning to become emotionally embodied: wise, resilient and creative in relation to your own and other’s emotions.

Emotional embodiment refers to the process of learning to become wise, resilient and creative in relation to our own and other’s emotions. It refers to our capacity to feel emotion and to remain present and creative in all four domains of relationship (alone, with a partner, in a group, and in relation to spirit).In this immersion you will develop insights and skills to become emotionally embodied. You will:

– Have a physical language for your emotions, and can move creatively with them
– Be able to allow feelings in, out and through the body
– Witness emotion as it passes in and through your nervous system, and able to track emotion as energy-in-motion in your own body and in others
– Be comfortable with the full range of emotional impulses and mindfully choose to nourish and express an emotion, be with it, or calm it down
– Know how to match what is present on the outside with what is occurring inside you

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