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Courage – Residential Retreat in Ireland

Courage – the embodied heart





* last 4 places – early price until Sept 25th*

‘Courage, dear heart’ .. C.S. Lewis

These turbulent times of personal and global change call for us to be courageous. We need courage to meet the unknown, to cultivate fluidity in the face of uncertainty and to be able to find connection to ourselves and to each other when our environment is being shaken. It takes courage to be authentic, to settle our systems, to create a felt sense of safety within and to recover and rest in-between cycles. We need to be able to access courage so we can transform what is no longer serving us and embody our authenticity and essential essence.

This weekend of movement & embodied dance as meditation is designed to anchor our attention in our hearts and support us to engage and move with what arises in the moment.

The heart centre is a doorway into a vast and powerful energy field, one that research shows is capable of changing the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It is designed to balance all of our experiences and to unify our sense of self at every level, in solitude, in relationship, in community and with spirit.

Our greatest strength sits at the core of our vulnerability and can be tapped into when we risk opening ourselves to what arises in the moment and allowing it to be there.

 In the dance we meet the intelligence of the life force moving through us, we practice listening and offering what arises into motion. This helps us access our innate ability to build capacity, to heal and transform, encouraging us to shift from fearful or stuck positions physically, emotionally and mentally into more fluid and balanced ways of being in our lives.

 Supported by the resources of Open Floor Movement and teachings from the chakra system, we will cultivate attitudes of compassion and curiosity as we journey within and with each other.

To be able to access courage it is essential to be able to acknowledge our fears and vulnerabilities as this is where our strength truly exists. Along with exploring these states we will ask if joy is also possible? How about trust & kindness towards ourselves and others?

Can we be with discomfort and become curious about what we hide in the shadows? Perhaps there are jewels hidden there, or perhaps old stories ready to be dissolved?

Can we sit in the darkness of the unknown and breathe life into our dreams and visions?

Drawing on the resources and movement anchors of Open Floor, along with teachings from the chakra system we will explore embodiment skills to support us to stay grounded and present, to listen for what is really here, to stay connected to our hearts, to cultivate calm in our minds and to trust the voice and intuitions of our spirit.

 In the current climate of these modern times humanity needs good medicine, one that connects us to our hearts, to our essential selves and to each other. Movement meditation offers an embodied medicine, that can resource us deeply and expand our capacity to be present, to love, to share our gifts and engage wholeheartedly with the mystery of life.

All accommodation, delicious food and optional hot tub are included in the price.

€385 / €365 (if booked by September 25th) – venue prices have increased and this is reflected in these slightly raised prices.

As numbers for this retreat are limited and they are usually fully booked, it is recommended to book your place early.

Bookings can be made by emailing [email protected]