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Dreaming with Dolphins: an Oceanic Movement Adventure

Join us on an unforgettable journey into the underwater world of your dreams, facilitated by the Bimini wild dolphin pod (and Zuza & Scott).

Let the experience open you heart and change you forever.

In our daily moving/dreaming sessions on land, enter your fluid body and swim into dream consciousness where dolphins and other ocean beings speak to us and we move, breathe, sound, and experience the world as they do.

Listen to the Breath of Life and the deep stillness underneath the waves of everyday chatter, allowing your awareness to expand into the luminescent presence at the heart of all things.

Then get onboard the magnificent DolphinQuest catamaran and head out on the water for the day, to let the dream unfold in so-called real time.

Return bathed in Mystery, renewed, and enchanted. You will never again forget that all the oceans belong to us, ours to protect and take care of.