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Friday Morning Dance with Sarah Davies

Open Floor is a dance meditation practice. Using core movement resources such as Ground, Centre, Release, our aim is to become more embodied, to be more comfortable in our own skin, present for anything and everything. When we live an embodied life we are fluid, flexible and free to experience all of the wild and subtle moments that go by, the ones that are heavenly as well as the ones that have us dragging our feet.

What to bring:

  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Wear comfortable clothes to move in
  • Dance barefoot or in soft-soled indoor shoes

Getting to Peter Griffiths Hall:

  • Peter Griffiths Hall is in the centre of Forest Row with parking in the surrounding area
  • Peter Griffiths Hall is round the back of the Freshfield Village Hall. It’s on the ‘Island’ between Tesco’s garage and Lloyds Chemist