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Morning Movement space

🏵 Morning Movement space
Open Floor movement practice online med Jonas Klingberg www.bodymoves.se

✨ Do you like to start the day with movement but thinks its complicated to get yourself to a class.
Then this online morning movement group could be something for you.

Say good morning to your self and your body. Wake up your life force with movement, music, meditation and breath.

What we do:
✨ Dance, movement and meditation exploring Open Floors different core movement resources.

✨ Check in, sharing and check out.

✨ Investigating different ways to say good morning to your body, mind and soul.

✨ Deepening your relationship with our self and our body.

✨ Expanding your movement vocabulary

✨ Being witnessed, heard, seen and supported by the group.

7 Tuesdays, start 4 Oct until 15 Nov.
kl. 09.00 – 10.30, closed group, max 18 people.

Investment: 1.450 SEK.
Register: to [email protected] and then you will get the zoom link.