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Inner Alliance – Dance & Tarot cards

Dance is a natural bridge between the symbolic and the classical world. When we weave the dance with the power of the Tarot de Marseille, we experience a an awakening of our aliveness, and our potential for transformation.

I have been blessed to meet almost at the same time Alejandro Jodorowksy and Gabrielle Roth, so the alchemy of tarot and dance, the power of embodied symbols, has been at the heart of my practice as a student and as a teacher. I am offering it to you for three full days.

We will let the major arcana of the tarot deck lead us in our exploration towards the Inner Alliance : a greater integration of the different parts of our self, supported by our movement resources. The dance is then both stronger and more fluid,

This workshop hold a promise of a powerful, creative and beautiful experience, that will deliver you into summer with greater availability for the miracles of life.