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Landing in Stillness – an Open Floor half day retreat

Landing in Stillness

 Open Floor embodied movement meditation

In-person half day retreat

Saturday 26th November 2022

12.30pm – 3.30pm (tea and gathering from 12 noon)

The Space Between, 28 Fenian Street, Dublin 2

As we move into the darkest portion of the year Nature offers us the resource of pause and stillness to support us during the winter months. It is a time of shedding, settling, resting and dreaming.

 This embodied movement session is designed to support us to follow our natural rhythms at this time and to find our balance between activity and rest.

 Held by mindful movement anchors and practices of Open Floor, along with some free form moving meditations, music and gentle enquiry, we will explore how to be with what is, to offer it into motion, to let it grow and settle and grow again and to follow the thread of the life force and its unique pace and expression through us in the moment.

 At this time of year we are invited to relax with emptiness, to meet the void, to pause and rest within the breath and to deepen our relationship with stillness, however we find ourselves as we land into it.

 There will be lots of space to be where we are and to be curious about what we are moving with, be it chaotic or quiet, hesitant or passionate, clumsy or graceful, shaky or steady.

 There will be time for tea and gathering together from 12 noon (optional) before we begin the session at 12.30pm and we will take a short pause during the session for a break.

 The session is open to all and no previous experience of movement meditation is required.

Booking for the session takes place through the studio website in the link