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Libido Fundamentals – 3day workshop with Monika Körschner (Amsterdam/NL)

A Focused Open Floor Program for an Embodied Exploration of Sexuality, Intimacy and Life Force

This workshop of 3 full days in a closed group, works with the movement of sexual energy within the broader definition of ‘Libido’ as life force, birth place of creativity, vitality, presence and aliveness.

Our creative sexual energy is an essential part of the body’s natural expression and movement potential.  Libido Fundamentals touches the universal elements which relate to sense, move and increase the capacity to fully embody this life force in all areas of your life. Through Open Floor conscious dance we create an safe, sexual positive environment to engage in this complex, mysterious and in-depth investigation with curiosity, mindfulness and compassion. Because sexuality is so often underground, ignored, or unconsciously acted out, the exploration of this territory tends to be intense, liberating, intimate and powerful. The potential pleasure and beauty of this journey is well worth the challenges and the risks.

What happens in a workshop?
We explore this lively, sometimes latent energy of libido with curiosity and mindfulness using the Open Floor Core Movement Resources.
We open up physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual terrain of sexuality, libido and life force.

Next to intensive movement practice this workshop also offers related exercises, sharing’s, enquiries and specific information to deepen and integrate your experience. There is no explicit sexual content or exercises.

Who is it for?
Libido programs are open to all adults with some experience in conscious dance like OpenFloor, 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, MovementMedicine, Biodanza. Regardless of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, sexual orientation, or relationship status. We strive to co-create an environment that is inclusive, curious and expansive, and honors the experiences each person brings into the room.

This program counts as a requisite for the Open Floor Teacher Training.

Libido – Love of Life
Click on above link for more information and a juicy inspiring 11 minutes Vimeo movie.

Teacher Monika Körschner is a certified  5Rhythms® en OpenFloor teacher and teaches dance and movement as a conscious practice in the Netherlands and abroad for over more than 20 years. She is personally trained by Andrea Juhan (founder of Open Floor) to teach this specific program.

For more information and registration contact [email protected]

For information in Dutch, look at https://embodieddance.nl/news/37/72/Libido-Fundamentals.html  

Dates:  Friday 7th of October till Sunday 9th of October 2022
Times: 10:00 – 18:00 hour, with a lunchbreak of one hour
Teacher: Monika Körschner
Venue: Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Pre-requisite:  minimum of 12 hours of conscious dance like OpenFloor, 5Rhyhtms, MovementMedicine, SoulMotion, BioDanza
Price:€ 295,-
Early Bird till 9th of September 2022 : € 265,-