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Libido Fundamentals – Lust for Life

As our hearts and bodies awaken through conscious dance, our sexual energy also begins to stir. We’ve all experienced it; one moment we feel radiant, free and desirable, the next we feel clumsy, listless and excluded.

Our libido is an essential part of the body’s natural expression. Sometimes complicated, sometimes ecstatic, or burdened with expectations and past experiences. All this energy moves within and between us and longs for freedom.

Libido is: ‘the unconscious, instinctive, biological force that fuels all creation & creativity’ C Jung.

Lust for Life is a residential weekend in which we can ground and explore our life energy through dance and some basic principles of movement. Because sexuality is so often underground, ignored or unconsciously played out, this workshop is an intense, liberating and powerful process. The potential pleasure and beauty of this journey is well worth the challenge and the risks.

You are welcome to experience your full YES to life and love.

Willemijn de Dreu will guide the journey. She is an experienced dance teacher, 5Rhythms as well as OpenFloor. She also works as a certified body oriented trauma therapist. She has a deep love for humanity and everything that moves. More info on her website: www.willemijndedreu.com