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LOVE – journey into the unknown

Love, some will tell you, is the fabric of the universe, others will say it is an illusion. What I know is that I continue to discover it every day. Love: a thousand faces, two poles, one quest? Love: a feeling, an action, a dream? Love is both deeply known to us and always a mystery. Love is innate and love is worked on. Love is eros, storgê, philia, agape for the Greeks: love, family, friendship, spiritual… When it is missing, we suffer. When it unfolds, it opens up new paths, leads us into unknown territory, and there we finally find our deepest nature, which is revealed in a unique light at every moment.
Assets: Movement resources, emotional intelligence, relational intelligence, soul intelligence.

Note : this workshop is taught in English with translation into French and a few German words if necessary.

Price : 210 euros  (230 CHF)

Information & registration : [email protected]

Location: Basel – Switzerland