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Open Floor Advanced Training – Common Ground Immersion (AMERICAS) Online


with Kathy Altman & Jenny Macke

 11-16 MARCH 2022 – AMERICAS time zone

Common Ground

Physical Embodiment & the Practice of Solitude

An Exploration of Life Through Movement for Personal Healing, Professional Growth, and Community Building

Join our highly experienced and talented teaching team for a deep dive into Open Floor movement practice.  This 6-day immersion is an opportunity for intensive personal practice and a deeper understanding of its relevance to daily life.

From teachers of other modalities, coaches, educatorscommunity leaders and mental health practitioners to the simply curious and passionate, our mission is to welcome anyone who wishes to taste, learn and explore the Open Floor curriculum and use this work to change lives in their communities...  

This immersion will explore:

  • The miracle of how our bodies are crafted
  • The magic of how they move
  • The curiosity in looking at places we may not know inside ourselves
  • The wonder at the different ways we perceive the world (sensations, emotions, imagination and a sense of being called)
  • The mystery as we reflect on these questions is at the heart and soul of this body based immersion

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