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Open Floor Dance Saturdays in San Rafael

Local in-person dances in San Rafael, CA


Meet us on the dance floor, the beat will find you. 🕺

Open Floor Dance welcomes everyone – new and returning dancers of any fitness level. All dances in August will take place from 10:00 – 11:30 AM.

Price: $20 per person

Advanced tickets are highly advised.

Our protocol remains the same: take care of yourself, ribbons will be available at the door to alert folks if you do not want close contact, wear a mask if that feels good and right to you. The space is large and there is an outdoor deck for those who would prefer to be outside (wear shoes please as the deck is not sanded).

Pickleweed Community Center
50 Canal Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

Voucher spots limited. Email [email protected] to register your voucher.

Advanced tickets available for purchase at:www.openfloordance.org/drop-in-tickets