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Path of the Poetic Heart

A 10 week online Open Floor ‘Art in Motion’ journey
Led by Rata Gordon, Poet, Open Floor Teacher, Arts Therapist
2nd September – 11th November 2022
We have been looking out
through little panes of coloured glass
Poetry offers us a doorway
​to the entire world
More than a way of writing, poetry is a way of being awake and intimate with the world. When we live as a poet we dislodge our habitual, logical and critical ways of seeing, and find ourselves in an expanded field of perception.

‘Path of the Poetic Heart’ is an intimate 10 week online group programme for sensitive and courageous humans to awaken the power of their ‘inner poets’ so that they can experience the freedom of potent and joyful self-expression through creative writing, and write a pile of poems they are proud of.