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Pathways of Connection

Through our biology, we are wired for connection. Depending on the state we are in, we long to connect to ourselves, to another person, to a group, or even to connect to something bigger than us – spirit, magic, or energy.

During this Sunday’s Open Floor Lab we come together to play, dance, and rebuild our pathways of connection through the wisdom and intelligence of our bodies.

Here, in this beautiful studio in Berlin, right at the River Spree, you can deepen the connection to yourself, to your relations and the world around you.

During each session, we invite and embrace everything that arises and what you bring with you, including moments of moving out of connection and a moment of moving deeper into connection.

DATES: every other Sunday – see here
TIME: 11:00 – 13:00 h


Tamara works as a somatic trainer, therapist and movement facilitator.

In addition to Open Floor International training, which she completed in 2018, she also attended the Power of Awareness training from the University of California-Berkeley, Greater Good Science Center and ATI, and HP für psychotherapy training at the Christoph Mahr Institute in Berlin. 

She has also trained with some of the top experts in modern psychology and neuroscience, such as Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Odgen and Tara Brach, on topics such as treating trauma and the pain of abandonment

Some of the main trainings in the area of trauma treatment that she has completed are the Integrative Trauma Somatic Therapy Training and the Attachment Somatic Therapy Training. 

She also recently joined Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level 1 and 2 , working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma.

Tamara is a working member of Open Floor International where she has joined the Embodied Sexuality Circle to help to broaden the program for an Embodied Exploration of Sexuality, Intimacy and Life Force.

She is under constant supervision and continues to work on herself to be able to offer the best services to her clients at a high level. 

She leads Open Floor workshops, movement classes and individual sessions online and in person.