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Possibility – Open Floor online movement series





When nothing is sure, everything is possible’…..Margaret Drabble

We are multi-dimensional, multi-directional beings living through times of great change. As we navigate the stormy seas of the outer world and planetary happenings we need resources to strengthen us internally and to cultivate fluidity in the face of sudden changes… and we need each other.

This group will be a container that we can lean into as we journey together through the realm of possibility and into the sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes delightful places that arise when we surrender to the flow of the life force moving through us.

Perhaps joy is possible? How about trust, kindness, compassion? Can we be with discomfort and become curious about what we hide in the shadows, our fear, numbness, fury or despair long enough for it to settle or change into something else?

Can we sit in the darkness of the unknown and breathe life into our dreams and visions?

Drawing on the resources and movement anchors of Open Floor, along with teachings from the chakra system we will explore embodiment skills to support us to stay grounded and present, to listen for what is really here, to stay connected to our hearts, to cultivate calm in our minds and to trust the voice and intuitions of our spirit.

During this five week class series we will engage with how and who we are in the moment through movement, enquiry, freestyle dance and meditation. There will be a focus on what awakens within us on all levels of embodiment, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as we put ourselves into motion and allow ourselves be led by the organic intelligence of the moving body. We will play with possibility and traverse the bridges and new pathways that can open up before us when we embrace change.

The group size will be limited to 25 to maintain the depth and integrity of the container and to keep us all on the same zoom page. The series tend to book up quickly so if you are interested get in touch.

All are welcome, no previous experience is required.

To book your place email to [email protected] or through the contact page.

€95 / €85 (if booked by September 22nd)

There are two bursary places available for this series, please get in touch if you would like to avail of it.