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Reconnecting • Weekly online class with Bence Gáspár

✨ Based on my own and others’ lived experiences I deeply believe in the nourishing, healing, and transformative qualities of movement, awareness, and community, and in our current global situation this is not always possible in ways that we would wish for.

💪🏽 Dancing online has proven itself since early 2020 to bring much of the same goodness of what we can experience when we come together in the same physical space.

👯 So you are welcome to this online space of embodiment to connect with a group of people sometimes from the other end of the world, sometimes from the same city. We’ll reconnect to our own body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as to those of each other!

⏳ Times: Wednesdays 19:00–21:00

🌐 Zoom link:

💰 €10 / €15 / €20+ (reduced / regular / supportive)
(And if this is too much for you, you’re welcome to pay as much as you can, including nothing. Please send me a message in advance in this case.)

😎 be prepared for a great soundscape and some deep fun

💻 you’ll need Zoom, preferably a computer / laptop, and some speakers in order to have a good music experience

💰 Payment options:
Bence Gaspar
IBAN: DE35430609677032664700

See you there!
B 👊🏼✨🐣