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Resource & Relating

💥Resource & Relating
Open Floor summer movement retreat at the Island of Gotland, Sweden.

To participate in an Open Floor retreat is an invitation to deepen your relationship to yourself and your body through movement.
At the same time there are other dancers that we in some way or another are in relationship and communication with, or not.
During this week we explore the field of how we relate to our selves, each other and nature.

💥Areas that we will investigate and bring awareness to through movement inquiries are:

How do I ground and center in my own body?
How do I maintain an embodied connection with myself  in relationship with others?
How can nature be a resource to my body and dance?
How do you create a sense of courage and trust to reach out and  express what’s alive with in me?
How do I express, embody and move with my own boundaries and others?

💥During this week of movement exploration you will…

Practice your unique movement style and to access, trust and expand your movement vocabulary.
Be reminded about your body intelligence that works as a creative compass of truth.
Get the possibility to experience nature and the four elements.
Cultivate an inner connection to invite a sense of safety, with the purpose to practice presence and authentic expression with yourself and others.
Practice self and co-regulation
Get the possibility to be part of a community in motion.

💥Every day will include:
2 daily Open Floor movement sessions
3 delicious meals
Free time for you to swim, chill out, go for a walk, rest, read or just be in any way you need.
Our venue is 6 km south of Visby, Gotland. We will have our own house to live in 5 min from the beach.

Investment: 4.150 SEK early bird until 10 May afther that 4.650 SEK.
Accommodation: 330 SEK/night (it´s possible to stay on day before and after)
Food: 2.300 SEK for all the days
Register: [email protected]