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Un-Masked: The Joy of Finding your Original Face – Italy Retreat

Being aware of our outer and inner lives is a process of peeling back the faces and outdated masks with which we normally identify. The faces are endless: the smart one, the suspicious one, the confident one, the beautiful one, the rich one etc. Keeping these faces operating and alive is exhausting. They are impermanent and not our original nature.

At the bottom of all of these habitually reactive faces is a world of unlimited potential and beauty. A place where you can have no face and every face at the same time. It is a conscious choice to clear the painted canvas of your emotional and mental reality. Look around you. How many people hold a worried face a lot of the day? What if you could take a paint brush and erase the tension with the stroke of a brush? With awareness training, you can actually do it to yourself.

We aren’t telling you to live with a neutral face. We are suggesting that through meditation, movement and inquiry you will find the light and joy of your original face. This will reset your entire nervous system so you can express authentic truth in the moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow’s truth. Your original face here and now.  And this way, life will reflect back at you, just like a mirror wiped clean, clear light, bottomless joy, compassion and endless creativity.

How do we get there?

By using pristine awareness practices, music, movement, dramatic and creative arts and mirrors to penetrate the stickiness of our stuck faces.

With lightheartedness, curiosity and good friends, you will eventually find your original luminescent face.

A little Koan to ponder:

Close your eyes and ask the universe this question:
Show me the face I had before my parents were born.


Ideal for people going through transition, truth seekers, visionaries, leaders, cultural creatives (artists)
and anyone who feels vagueness about the direction of their life and looking to access a hidden mask
which will help them take a quantum leap of faith forward.


• Embodiment Practices – Conscious Movement – 5 Rhythms and Open Floor, Somatics, Yoga and Nature
• Inquiry, Insight, Dyads, Writing
• 1:1 coaching w/ the Teachers
• Meditation and Dharma Dialogues/Talks with Q & A
• Creative Explorations – Mask Making – You will literally build a new face,
one that will move you forward as your own personal archetype.


• Radically reduce tension and anxiety while rewiring your nervous system
• Cultivate a fluid relationship with the dense outer layers while honouring
and nurturing the lighter inner spacious core of your true nature
• Self Confidence, Empowerment, Aliveness
• Elevate your consciousness, somatic intelligence and creativity
• A strong seeing into the clear light might of your luminescence revealing indescribable bliss,
clarity and the power of pure awareness without self judgment, thought or fabricated story lines
• Increased physical vitality, creativity, focused mission and connection to a like-minded community

Please visit our bios on this website to know more about Evangelos Diavolitsis and Nishta Matarese. We will be assisted by International guest 5Rhythms teacher Lina Nahhas