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Vessels of Love ~ weekly class with Deborah Lewin

In these stressful times when so much is feeling, or literally is, out of our control, keeping ourselves healthy, supporting our immune systems and maintaining a sense of community are all choices we can make; away from the vortex of fear and towards the vortex of healing, away from isolation towards connection and belonging. Using embodied movement, and with facilitated support, you are invited to meet what is stirring within you.

  • Tuesdays; two different time slots available.
  • 25 minutes of guided Open Floor Movement Practice
  • Verbal reflection and inquiry time
  • Relational * Physical * Emotional * Essential
  • Strengthening our Co-Immunity

The class is 75 minutes long

Option 1: 9 – 10.15am Scotland / 10 – 11.15am Spain

Option 2: 5 – 6.15pm Scotland / 6 – 7.15pm Spain

Check your time zone here.

Classes run in 4 week blocks. Check our website for dates. If you’re new to Vessels of Love, please attend the FIRST Tuesday of the block. Tickets available here on Eventbrite.

Once you are familiar with the format and the vibe, you’re welcome to attend any of the following sessions.