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Warming Up to Grief: Embodied Grief Circles

Every person experiences grief throughout their life. Each time we love we will also lose something that is precious to us. It can be a loved one, a pet, a house, a job, a relationship, a dream. Our grief can be connected to injustice, deep concern for the earth, inherited grief from our ancestors, weltschmerz — the melancholy one feels in their heart about the state of the world. Grief is the echo that death and loss leave behind. Grief is a matter of the heart and a felt experience.

Many of us do not receive the support, acknowledgement, or compassion needed to be present with our grief. Unexpressed grief can lead to illness, depression, addiction, and violence towards ourselves and others. Expressing and being seen in our grief can open us to our full range of human emotion and deepen our connection with life and community.

What do you and I need to build trust with each other so we can gently lift the rug where we sweep our grief, and let our grief be visible in community?

Join Kelsey Maloney and Christina Greené at one of our upcoming Open Floor embodied grief circles. We will name what is present in our hearts and practice giving expression to our grief through movement. Join us in stepping into the circle. Registration is required.

October 20 & December 29, 2022 (6-9pm)

$35-$55 sliding scale