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Wild Garden – a weekly Open Floor class

👯 These evenings are an invitation to nourish our aliveness, explore possibilities, leave familiar patterns behind and discover new facets of our being. We find back into our bodies, give space to the movements of our feelings, let the mind become free, follow the call of our soul.
🎉🔮 A playground for seekers. A space for reflection for the playful ones. 🔬🍭
🌱 Our inspiration is a garden, a piece of cultivated wilderness. A piece of nature (plants, animals, microbes) in interaction with another part of nature (humans). The many forms of being alive – the whole range from civilized gardens to untouched overgrowth with its many themes: rooting and growing, coexistence, the favourable conditions, the biotope, our environment in which we find ourselves… So many areas that connect us to nature, where it becomes clear how much we are nature. 🌿
👣 The evenings are based on the Open Floor Method. There is an introduction with exercises, a lot of time for free movement, dance, meditation, reflection and the possibility to share with each other. A colorful mix that invites you to find your way back to yourself in challenging times and get new inspiration for your everyday life. 🌀
We, Bence, Bettina and Tamara, invite you to explore with us!
🗺 Location: UCW, Sigmaringer Str. 1, 10713 Berlin
⏳ Times: Thursdays 19:00 – 21:00
💰 Financial contribution:
€15 / €18 / €20+ (reduced / regular / supportive)
(If this is too much for you let us know. We will find a solution.)
The 2G+ requirements apply to this event.
✔️ Please only with Preregistration:
About us:
Open Floor teacher, biologist, Hungarian, queer. Loves paradox, navigating complexity, making associations, connecting, dancing on the edge, deep bass, crackling rhythms, and bubbling melodies. https://bencegaspar.com/
Open Floor Teacher, 5Rhythms® teacher. She also teaches music and movement to children. She enjoys being in nature and loves to create and co-create spaces where vitality can thrive. https://bettina-leuckert.com/
Open Floor teacher, Somatic Coach & Consultant, Artist and Trainer of Mindfulness. She is passionate about creative expression, the source of our creativity and the power of life. She leads Open Floor workshops, movement classes and individual sessions online and in person. https://tamararomaniuk.com
13. Januar – with Bence
20. Januar – with Bettina
27. Januar – with Tamara
03. Februar – with Bettina
10. Februar – with Bence
17. Februar – with Tamara
24. Februar – with Bettina
03. März – with Bence
10. März – with Tamara
17. März – with Bettina
24. März – with Bence
31. März – with Bettina
07. April – with Bence
28. April – with Bettina