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Winter Wellspring, An Open Floor Movement Lab

Winter Wellspring
We remember. Before masks. Before gathering spaces were closed down. Before screens and zoom rooms.
We remember that once, we gathered at wells where nourishment and connectivity flowed along with the stream of water. When our ancestors were connected to the old ways.
In these times of heightened disconnection, uncertainty, and grief, we show up together in the heart of winter to lean in, resource, and receive the nourishment times of darkness can bring. Through the simple (though not always easy) practice of meeting ourselves and each other just as we are, we give ourselves space to expand and contract as necessary, metabolize grief and emotion, and listen to the wellspring of wisdom emerging.

Thursdays January 12-February 9, 2023
Presence Studio, Bellingham, WA
Facilitated by Kelsey Maloney, supported by Monika Denise

This movement lab is connected to a weekend residential workshop:
February 10-12, 2023
Begins Friday at 2pm and closes Sunday at 3:30pm
Aldermarsh, Whidbey Island, WA
Facilitated by Kelsey Maloney and Monika Denise, supported by Olympia Open Floor Teacher Duncan Green